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The band split up in 2015, but Andrew has since become a successful producer and songwriter, co-writing the DJ Snake and Justin Bieber hit Let Me Love You.The New Yorker previously toured as Cody Simpson's guitarist, and also released his debut EP last year.

The 19-year-old rapper from Pompano Beach was transferred this week from Florida to South Carolina to face the charge, but details of the accusation had not been revealed until the release of the warrant on Tuesday.

Rita has had a string of famous fellas - she last had a relationship with Blink 182's Travis Barker, after finishing with Tommy Hilfiger's green-haired son Ricky Hil.

The Hot Right Now singer also dated Rob Kardashian and her romance with Calvin Harris notoriously ended with the Scottish DJ banning her from performing I Will Never Let You Down.

I came looking for man's butt CHRIS HANSON A man's butt? THE BOOTY WARRIOR *Turns to Chris.* Oh I know who you are, Chris Hanson, but see I-I calls you Chris Handsome. So, you can go ahead bring them cameras and polices waiting outside. CHRIS HANSON Well I don't think you and I will be doing anything, any-kind of way. HUEY (NARRATION) But beneath Tom's support of the gay community was a dark secret. [The Therapist places his arms around Tom] TOM I can't!

THE BOOTY WARRIOR Ok, I-I see you choosin' the hard way. S.) Okay, cut this isn't working, someone get this guy- THE BOOTY WARRIOR *He tackles Chris and pins him to the table.* Don't make me ruin the butt Chris! (Chris Hanson Screams) as The Booty Warrior seemingly “ruins the butt”. He watched gay movies and never once turned away or even made a face during the gay sex scenes. Tom had a fear of going to jail and being anally raped. *Runs out* HUEY (NARRATION) It was a long road to recovery. PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE – DAY PRINCIPAL This is the third time your boys have been caught fighting this quarter, Mr.