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Where you upload your web pages, photos, videos, etc. Your web host will store all the files that make up your web site.

Your readers will find your blog by entering your domain name into their website browser. Owning your own domain can make the difference in your success.

While many blogs, companies, and organizations still struggle to stand out from their competition online by resorting to . HOT domain is positioned to provide a short, unique, and memorable domain extension to help crank up your competitive advantage.

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For every form of play, there is bound to be a business behind it. PLAY domain represents a golden opportunity to stand out and grow. Every day, media of all kinds is played on millions computers and mobile devices across the globe. An example of a sub-domain is: These domain providers offer very easy start-up options.They are free (at first) and many offer basic themes that allow you to personalize your blog/site with your own graphics.As the term "hot" is well known to refer to the exciting and trendy, so will a .HOT web address proclaim that you have something current and interesting to offer.