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Hyphenization and verse formatting pose a technical problem in ebooks because of the variety of screen size.

What is less excusable is bad copy-editing and poor conversion.

An experienced hiker climbs a desert mountain from his past and encounters a young stranger, lost and thirsty.

A resolutely unromantic young black woman is surprised by her own response to her mother’s determined matchmaking.

Due to an oversight, the application form for the 2017 Seattle Int’l Piano Competition went offline.

The application deadline has been extended as mentioned here.

A drag queen walks into a bowling alley as he recalls his late grandma’s way with words and ball grips.

A young woman learns her widowed mother is about to marry an old neighbor.

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It began as a database of translations into English and other Western languages, but now includes entries for works not yet translated as well as some information about electronic texts, ebooks, and scholarly studies. Information about nō plays translations can be found elsewhere on this site.

The Soviet political establishment’s outrage at an alien winning what was intended to be their prize, named after their composer, was countered by the delight of the large Russian music public at hearing a Westerner play with Russian-type soul and strength.

The story shifted from a political one to a musical one.

You may also find it convenient to browse entries by alphabetical location: A -- B -- C -- D -- E -- F -- G -- H -- I -- J -- K -- M -- N -- O -- R -- S -- T -- U -- W -- Y -- Z . As the circumflex (ôû) is now little used in English-language scholarship on Japan, I have finally switched over to using the macron (ōū).

It is hard to be consistent about such matters, as older titles sometimes used the circumflex, while some titles do no mark vowel length at all. As I re-edit the page, I will gradually restore the circumflex to titles in languages like French that use it. A growing library of translations from classical Japanese can now be purchased as ebooks for smart phones, computers, or dedicated readers.