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For a start, the expert explained that the Yahoo hack appears to be part of the global problem of sophisticated phishing attacks.

"If we step back and look at all the breaches all across the globe…it's all about an employee in the company getting an email that appears to be from someone they trust, called a spear phishing attack.

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like placing 20 million personal email accounts up for sale on the dark web, for example.The company said in December that the problem with forged cookies — data strings used to connect users with websites — had been identified separately from the firm’s probe into the hacks. Speaking to Radio Sputnik, senior cybersecurity expert Gary Miliefsky said that there was good reason to believe that state actors were behind the hack, and explained why.SEE ALSO: If Your Password Is On This List Then You Are Liable To Being Hacked According to ) has placed a huge amount of decrypted Gmail and Yahoo accounts up for sale on the dark web; with most of the data stolen from breaches to Dropbox, Adobe, Linked In and Bitcoin security forum accounts.a large amount of those being sold are inactive, with the mythical Sun Tzu583 mentioning that "Not all these combinations work directly on Gmail/Yahoo, so don't expect that all these email and passwords combinations work on Gmail/Yahoo."Basically, change your password from 'Big Dog123' and keep a vigilant eye on all of your email activity.We know scammers love spyware so they can see what people are doing on their computers – now they’re going one step further and using webcam photos or videos to blackmail victims. 1) Ransomware It’s a new version of the AFP computer seizure scam where a pop-up message claims your computer has been frozen by the Australian Federal Police and you need to pay a fine by Ukash to unlock it.